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Hey there, I'm Tom Burns, your go-to real estate guy, and let me tell you, I've got quite the story to share. So, picture this: before I took the plunge into the real estate world back in early 2020, I was knee-deep in the world of robotics as an robotics engineer. Yeah, I know, quite the switch!

But you know what? That engineering mindset has come in handy more times than I can count in the real estate game. Detail-oriented? Check. Problem solver? You bet. And when it comes to crunching the numbers and finding the perfect match for my clients, well, let's just say those engineering skills really shine through.

When I'm not out there helping folks like you find their dream homes or nail down the perfect deal, you'll find me hanging out with my amazing crew. That's Natalie, my wife, our two kiddos, Bryson and Madelyn, and let's not forget about Winston, our trusty four-legged sidekick, and Oscar, the king of the house who just happens to be a cat.

Family is everything to me, and they're the reason I hustle as hard as I do. But hey, life isn't all about work, right? I've got a few hobbies up my sleeve too. Whether it's heading out for a weekend hunting trip, hitting the lanes for a round of bowling with friends, or teeing off on the golf course, I'm all about that work-life balance.

So, whether you're ready to buy, sell, or just need some advice on the real estate market, I'm your guy. With my dedication, integrity, and a little bit of that engineering magic, we'll make sure you're not just finding a house, but a place you can truly call home.

Let's make your real estate dreams a reality, together.

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